IoT and AI-enabled Aviation Platform that Integrates Passenger and Airport Operations

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IoT/AI platform



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Consulting, Design, Development

The client

ZestIOT serves as an IoT/AI platform that seamlessly connects passengers' journeys, baggage, ground assets, and airport operations. Their AviLeap and groundRadar products leverage Data Science and AI to fuel growth in the aviation industry. By integrating ground and flight operations, the company elevates the check-in and boarding experience while offering real-time baggage tracking. Their workflows empower hub control to proactively prevent delays and manage disruptions efficiently. Through machine learning, ZestIOT facilitates improved planning and resource management, ultimately delivering a seamless travel experience.


The challenge involved developing an intelligent system tailored for Aircraft Turnaround Operations detection, aimed at facilitating seamless coordination and communication between aircraft and ground-level personnel.

How we made it happen

We designed a solution encompassing an user-centric platform that streamlines Aircraft Turnaround Operations with a focus on intuitive user experience. The platform integrates cutting-edge design that enhances coordination and communication between aircraft and ground-level employees, effectively addressing the challenge.


satisfaction growth

GoAudits UI/UX resulted in more satisfied fintech platform customers.


Increase in
mobile users

Our mobile design services assisted Expence in attracting more mobile users.


User engagement

Due to the finance platform’s convenience, users spend more time using it.

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