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The digital landscape demands more than just innovation—it demands products that are scalable, secure, and built for the future. At WTA, we understand that your success hinges on the ability to translate your vision into a market-ready reality quickly and efficiently. Our team of expert engineers, architects, and product strategists is dedicated to accelerating your product development journey.

Our Product & Platform Engineering Services

Product and Platform Engineering

Build innovative products with our development expertise, ensuring speed, scalability, and market success.

Product Development Service

Strategically develop and launch products that solve customer problems and deliver exceptional value.

Software Development Service

Build custom software solutions tailored to your specific needs, leveraging the latest technologies and agile methodologies.

Enterprise Mobility Service & Solutions

Create robust mobile experiences that empower your workforce, streamline operations, and enhance customer engagement.

AI App Development Service

Integrate AI into your products to drive automation, intelligence, and deliver cutting-edge features.

Digital Platform Engineering Services

Define a clear product roadmap, prioritize features, and ensure market success with our strategic guidance.

Cloud-Native Engineering Service

Design and deploy scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions for maximum performance.


Technology Strategy and Consulting

Discover how our strategic insights and tailored solutions drive digital success and maximize ROI.


Brand Strategy

Elevate your brand and resonate with customers through data-driven insights and compelling digital strategies.


Business Model Innovation

Optimize operations, unlock new revenue streams, and adapt to market shifts with our innovative business model solutions.


Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Services

Design seamless experiences that drive customer loyalty and exceed expectations.


Management Consulting Services

Achieve operational excellence, improve decision-making, and navigate complex challenges with our strategic guidance.


Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency, personalize experiences, and drive innovation.


Sustainability Consulting Services

Develop sustainable strategies that reduce your environmental footprint, improve efficiency, and build a responsible brand.

Accelerate Innovation with our Engineering Expertise

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and deep technical knowledge to turn your ideas into exceptional products.

Ideation & Prototyping

Brainstorm with you to generate innovative solutions and develop rapid prototypes for early validation.

Technology Selection & Architecture

Carefully assess technologies and design scalable, future-proof architectures.

Expert Development & Implementation

Implement your product vision with our skilled engineers, ensuring quality and performance.

Ongoing Support & Optimization

Provide continued maintenance, updates, and enhancements to ensure long-term product success.

  • Product and Platform Engineering

    Case study

    How LV= General Insurance
    Became Digital‑First

  • Product and Platform Engineering

    Case study

    How LV= General Insurance
    Became Digital‑First

AI-Powered Digital Engineering  and Enterprise Modernization


Phoenix, a prominent real estate conglomerate, entrusted us with the task of developing a sleek and contemporary design for their IPCs platform.


Medvarsity is Asia’s largest healthcare EdTech company, with over 4 lakh medical professionals trained and certified.

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What is Product and Platform Engineering?

Product and Platform Engineering involves designing, developing, and maintaining software products and platforms. It encompasses a wide range of activities from ideation, architecture design, and development to testing, deployment, and ongoing support to ensure the product meets user needs and business goals.

What services do you offer under Product and Platform Engineering?

Our services include product development service, software development service, Enterprise Mobility Service & Solutions, AI App Development Service, Product Management Consulting Service, Cloud-Native Engineering Service, and ongoing maintenance and support. We also offer custom software development tailored to specific business requirements.

How can your Product Engineering services benefit my business?

Our Product Engineering services help you turn innovative ideas into market-ready products. We ensure high-quality, scalable, and secure software solutions that enhance user experience, streamline operations, and drive business growth. By leveraging our expertise, you can reduce time-to-market and stay ahead of the competition.

What is Platform Engineering and how does it differ from Product Engineering?

Platform Engineering focuses on building and maintaining scalable and robust platforms that serve as a foundation for various applications and services. It involves developing the underlying infrastructure, APIs, and integrations. Product Engineering, on the other hand, is more about developing individual software products that may or may not rely on a specific platform.

Do you provide end-to-end product development services?

Yes, we offer end-to-end product development services from initial concept and design through development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of product development are seamlessly integrated and aligned with your business goals.

How do you handle ongoing maintenance and support?

We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure your software products and platforms remain up-to-date, secure, and perform optimally. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, performance monitoring, and enhancements based on user feedback and evolving business needs.

What industries do you serve?

We serve a diverse range of industries including healthcare, finance, retail, education, technology, and more. Our team has the expertise to develop tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges and requirements of each industry.

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